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Several artists take on repainting dolls without their copious amounts of make-up. 

Eddi Aguirre (first picture) paints imperfections instead of merely erasing the colour.  Adding in skin blemishes, braces, and bags under the eyes. (via Behance)

 Nickolay Lamm and Nikolett Mérész removed make-up via photoshop for the rest of the dolls. (via Huffington Post)

Commentary on both photo sets is intriguing.  The first photo, received criticism that it is “not surprising” the artist here was male due to their “lack of understanding of what makeup is and how it works” and claiming there is sexism at play.

I don’t agree with their commentary (not to mention labeling men as not be capable of understanding make-up? that’s a horrible generalization) as the goal was most likely to portray the doll with imperfections.  They are most likely not portraying her to be a model of natural beauty - its more of a reverse make-up routine.

The later dolls are good at removing the eye and lip make-up, but they leave the skin tone completely the same.  The former photo, the artist managed to add skin shine which is a fine touch that makes a big difference.

The only problem is once you notice make-up, it can throw you off while looking at things.  Monster High characters have always had too much make-up for my liking, and this youtube video of a “Game of Thrones” Disney song bothered me because the female singer was wearing way too much make-up for the character she was playing.

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